Google Trusted Photographer for Edmonton Alberta

Kyle Giesbrecht

You want to know about me?

I am Kyle Giesbrecht. I created this website after being inspired by the many great local websites showcasing some amazing old photographs from Edmonton’s past. One of the most common questions that I would see on these photographs is “Where is this”. Well, since I have a vested interest in Google’s street view (I’m a Google Trusted Photographerand photograph business interiors for Google Business Views) I thought it would be neat to showcase these beautiful vintage photographs alongside the current day Google Street View images. I think this is a great way to showcase the contrast and the change that Edmonton has undergone over the years.

This project was initially a Tumblr blog, but I’ve expanded it into it’s own website to allow for a more collaborative environment. Most of my initial photographs have been swiped from the Vintage Edmonton Facebook page. As amazing as that page is, to make this a unique project I am going to have to rely on new sources… and that’s where you come in. If you have any unique Old Edmonton photographs that you would like featured, you can email them to me at kyle@fotofoto.co or share them on our facebook page!

The Goal is to make this page a community effort. Comment, share and submit! Let’s show the world Edmonton’s unique history!

You can contact me on twitter or email me at kyle@fotofoto.co if you have any questions or comments!